best way to transport from garden to room= backpack!


The following are some tools I find useful to maintain a balanced mind, mood, and weight at college. I think you'll find that they help you stay healthy and learn more about how to make positive choices while away from the guidance of your family.


  • Limit meat. Unless you're lucky enough to have an organic meat selection, college meat is notorious for being low quality. Which means hormone-rich, ammonia-soaked, crap.
  • Drink water. Stay away from soda, once you start it's hard to quit. Get used to hydrating your body with what nature intended. And if you are craving a change up, go for a squeeze of lemon.
  • Tea and coffee can be great ways to avoid dessert cravings. Instead of going for that ice cream or carnival cookie, reach for a hot drink. You'll begin to look forward to your ritual after dinner treat and you'll feel good knowing your grabbing some antioxidants instead of some extra thigh meat ;)
  • Treat yourself. Once a week grab that slice of pizza or that donut that you've been walking past all week. It's okay if you give yourself a treat sometimes! I like to wait until the end of the week to treat myself though, because it feels like I'm being rewarded after my long stressful week.
  • If you have gluten, soy, nut, any kind of allergies, this Sodexo calculator is very helpful. College Food Dining Hall Calculator: Sodexo Brand
  • If you're lucky enough to live in the townhouses or apartments, here's a blog post about Healthy College Grocery Shopping that you may find incredibly helpful. 
  • Exercise. School and extracurriculars will be stressful, they will be time consuming, but you always can find time to workout. For a little bit it seemed pretty crazy but I'd wake up an hour early just so I could find some time. Not only did I enjoy the calm quiet of the morning, but I felt good about how I started my day.
  • Join your school's garden club! Or, if they don't have one, create one!
  • Hard to get motivated? Snapchat a trusty workout buddy friend. I like to snapchat my cousin when I get back from workouts-- you can compare who looks like they worked their butt harder! Sweat is cool.
  • In the winter months Exercise TV is GREAT! You can do these workouts in your dorm room easily when your roommate isn't sleeping! Cindy Whitmarsh, Kendell Hogan are my favorites.

Cindy Whitmarsh

Teigh and Gillian: Yoga/Cardio

Jessica Smith

Reduce Stress

Other advice that is helpful includes The Dorm Room Diet, by Dr. Oz's daughter, The Chew star Daphne Oz.