cooking and entertaining

wedding registry items galore!

Getting married soon? Simply trying to furnish your kitchen? Here are some of my tried-and-true favorite cooks tools and entertaining items you might want to consider registering for or adding to your shopping list!

What to Add:


  • Kitchenaid hand mixer (for making whipped cream, meringues, etc)

  • Nutribullet Pro (for green juices I use this and strain the pulp) for smoothies just pulverize and drink!

  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer (essential for big batches of cookies, biscotti, breads, etc)

  • Cuisinart Food Processor (for family recipes, making dips, almond butter, etc etc)

  • Espresso Machine of choice

    • We have the Bialetti Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker, Aluminum stovetop one that’s really good quality from Italy and only $40 but you may want a fancy Breville one or an espresso machine from another company of choice - check the reviews first though because some of them are apparently faulty!)

  • Coffee maker of choice

    • We really like Technivorm MoccaMaster - a Swedish brand that is top of line- they have a gorgeous copper one with glass pot, or if you’re afraid you’ll break the pot like we are - then get the stainless steel version- it works well!

    • There are also Breville, Cuisinart ones, or you may want a N’espresso.

    • Always good to have something that makes a large pot of coffee for guests

  • Toaster Oven or Toaster

    • Breville toaster oven- we have the mini one and love it

    • Cuisinart 4 slice if toaster

  • Blender or Vitamix (for morning smoothies, margaritas, making almond butter, etc with tons of strength)

Entertaining and Everyday Items:

  • Placemats, table cloths, napkins of choice (Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel for example)

  • Pitcher for drinks - we really like the Santino Recycled Glass pitcher from Pottery Barn for example)

  • Cake platter or Cake dome

  • Cheeseboard

  • Cheese knives

  • Wine cooler

  • Everyday glasses, such as

  • Electric wine opener or corkscrew

  • Wine glasses

  • Napkin holder

  • Wooden salad bowl & salad tongs

  • Ice bucket and ice tongs

  • Fun salad plates or appetizer plates

  • Fancy trash can like SimpleHuman Butterfly Trash Can (highly recommend the one that opens like a butterfly - lasts forever and SO sleek

  • Grill set

  • Cocktail shaker

  • Punch bowl set

  • Old fashioned glasses

  • Double old fashioned glasses

  • Cocktail glasses

  • Fine China place setting (Macy’s) - check out Wedgewood, etc

  • Crystal (Macy’s) (ideas include wine glasses, water goblets, candlestick holders, vase etc

  • Steak knife set (your choice- Williams Sonoma etc) - we like Wustoff

  • Kitchen knife block set  - eg. Wüsthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Block Set brand

  • Wüsthof Classic Straight Carving Set (for turkey, yule log, etc) Wustof as well

  • Platters - so many fun ones - choose a style that fits you!

  • Everyday dining set (Soup and cereal bowls, salad plates, dinner plates) (PB or WSonoma)

Cooking & Baking Materials:

  • Everyday pans of quality & good for health (don’t get nonstick pans they leak carcinogens into food) Also avoid aluminum and cheaply made stainless steel.

Healthy brands to consider:

All Clad Stainless Steel

All Clad Copper C4 collection

Staub is my favorite for cast iron - it’s so easy to clean, well made, and just as pretty as Le Cruset but the insides don’t get browned when you cook (because they’re straight cast iron without enamel!)

Green pan is a good cheap non toxic option but not as pretty as the All Clad C4 so I’d go with those for your registry

Sizes of pans to consider:

  • Sauce pot (3-4 qt) (All Clad c4 or Staub)

  • Frying pan (All Clad C4) 10” and 8”

  • Cast iron grill pan w spout (Staub)

  • Dutch oven (eg. 7 quart) Staub, Le Cruset, etc

  • Cast iron deep skillet (Le Cruset, Staub, or Lodge)

  • Pasta pot (for big gatherings, otherwise for just you two at night use your sauce pan)

  • All Clad deep roasting pan - a must for holiday hams and turkeys!(stainless steel)

  • Cupcake tin (such as Williams Sonoma Goldtouch or Calphalon classic)

  • Rolling pin - consider a tapered rolling pin without handles (great for cinnamon rolls and pizza) and also consider a marble heavy rolling pin too for tough cookie dough!

  • Whisk (metal or silicone depending on what you’re baking)

    • Silicone isn’t very sturdy, but if you’re just whipping some eggs in a pan it works and won’t scratch the surface. You’ll need a metal one for use in a mixing bowl if you’re whipping up a meringue or whisking something thicker.

  • Plastic spatulas for cooking such as OXO

  • All-Silicone Ultimate Spatula Set, Red for baking- the ones we have from Williams Sonoma are incredible and essential in my opinion - there’s nothing worse than trying to fold a bunch of cake batter with a metal spatula or any type of weak spatula - these are fully covered in silicone, super comfortable, and extremely sturdy.

  • Wooden spoons (so you don’t ruin your pans w metal utensils)

  • Salt keeper (such as WS olive wood)

  • Casserole dishes Emile Henry 3-Piece Ruffled Baker Set, Burgundy

  • Cutting board (wooden, plastic)

  • Salt and pepper shakers/grinders

  • Olive oil container

  • Pizza stone (eg Emile Henry at WS)

  • Baking sheets (calphalon makes great basic ones, if you want fancy there are Goldtouch at WS)

  • Wire racks for cooling baked goods

  • Mixing bowls (stainless steel or glass, your choice)

  • Pyrex measuring cups

  • Pyrex baking dishes

Home decor/home making:

  • Vase for flowers

  • Nice vacuum (ex Dyson etc)

  • Towels (monogram if desired)

  • Bed sheets, bed quilt, comforter

  • Throw pillows if desired

  • Baskets to store blankets, etc (PB has good ones)

  • Towel stand if desired for bathroom/storage (for example PB wooden ladder standing shelf)

  • Wine rack

  • Picture frames (you can get nice ones from Lenox and KateSpade from Macys, and PB has good ones for walls)