And we're ®egistered!

Greetings friends! I am pleased to announce that as of June 3, 2014, thanks to the help of my Uncle Greg and his patent expertise,  Nutrishus® is officially a registered trademark, property of Patricia C. Doheny all rights reserved. :) I am so excited! This gives me more motivation to start regularly updating my blog again and to get my name out there.

Stay tuned for some long overdo posts-- about a delicious new jam I discovered on a recent beach trip to Ocean City, MD; one about stress (and how big of an effect it can have on your health-- and how I am learning to manage it), and another about a delicious frozen custard I came to obsess over after a lovely trip to visit my boyfriend Jake's hometown in NY.  All this and more soon!

Thank you for following me in my journey to health and happiness and sharing in my joy of finally being an official trademarked brand!

Bon appetit et bonne sante,