I'M SO HUNGRY: A short post about my morning today: Day 4 Transition

"I JUST WANT TO EAT MY BREAKFAST BUT I HAVE TO GET THROUGH THIS EVIL PITCHER OF LEMON WATER!!! pleasssseee fooooooood." I said as I ran down the hallway... my mom said "you should really post that on your blog" hahah. SO HERE I AM. BECAUSE I AM STARVED AND DONT WANT ANYMORE WATER. I know I sound ridiculous, but I am going crazy, I have got to wake up earlier and immediately drink the water instead of just waiting for an hour, dancing around my kitchen, and as my mom would say "dilly-dallying" before I get ready for the day. It realllly makes you hungry when you wait so long to start your day (Obvi, I know)....you gotta feed your body with nutrients. Goodness gravy I have 2 more cups left and I am starved. I don't have a headache this morning though and before now (aka that hour I was dancing in the kitchen) I felt like dancing around for days. But, now, I need food. Wish me luck. Time to conquer the rest of this darn lemon water and stop complaining-- it's really not THAT bad.



p.s. Transition Day today is all about eliminating Dairy, Soy, and Eggs. (Darnit, I'm thinking, I could've been eating eggs the last two days, totally forgot). Anyways, that post will come late tonight, we shall see how I do.) Feel free to follow me via pics and tweets on instagram and twitter: @nutrishus8