Day 7 & 8 Checklist

Yesterday: I slept in late so I woke up and had a late breakfast...and then an even later lunch/dinner.

  • greek yogurt with cinnamon, coconut water
  • vegetarian chili for late lunch/dinner (Trader Joe's brand with tofu, beans, tomatoes, spices, etc. really delicious I must say!)
  •  ak-mok whole grain whole wheat sesame crackers
  •  whole milk
  • almonds
  • iced coffee
  • smartfood popcorn in the library
  • 20 minute cardio video

Now that I look back at it, it doesn't seem like I ate that much really, but I was very full! Not a very vegetable-full day yesterday.


  • breakfast: greek yogurt with cinnamon, coconut water
  • lunch: a nice big bowl of creamy potato soup with added spinach, broccoli, carrots, kidney beans that I heated up in a pan with the soup. Sprinkled feta on top. + 2 pieces of multigrain bread (gluten free, sugar free). Water. Hazelnut Iced Coffee with half and half (no sugar).
  • dinner: vegetarian chili... with trader joe's multigrain pilaf
  • studying snack: coconut water, almonds, dried green bean crisp things (trader joe's... very weird! but i like them)