Day 5 No Sugar & 1/2 of Day 6

Day 5 was technically yesterday, so I am writing a quick post about it today. I felt much better yesterday than the day before. I think one of the biggest reasons I felt light-headed and nauseous on Day 4 was because I only had 2 pieces of bread for dinner and a LOT of coffee. Thus, I didn't realize that I was hungry and my blood sugar levels must have been out of whack. So, on Day 5, I decided not to drink any coffee or green tea to make sure that I'd sleep well and would pay better attention to what I was eating. It worked! Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 tsp cinnamon

Lunch: 1 greek yogurt (2% Fage) with one 14oz bottle of coconut water (Zico brand), and 1 odwalla nourishing food bar (Chocolate/Peanut)-- it actually had 15g total sugar, but as I mentioned in my last post it doesn't have refined sugars (only brown rice syrup) and I am weening myself off of sugar this week--because i've noticed it's probably not good for my body's insulin levels to go cold turkey.

Between meals: lots and lots of water! Also, my Accounting professor always passes around a bowl of candy-- none for me thanks! : )

Dinner: Chef's Table. I had a mixture of everything: kale salad, seafood, barley grains, greek salad (veggies and feta), curried couscous, 1 slice of a beet, and "perfect protein" mini salad. It sounds like a lot, but it all fit into one of those boxes (like the ones you'd find at the food court section of Whole Foods). More water.

After dinner: 1 greek yogurt w/ a handful of Kashi Go Lean cereal (6g of sugar per serving), 1 tbs almond butter. 1 cup of whole milk with sprinkled cinnamon and a couple sprinkles of coffee granules (great flavor-- minimal caffeine!) And lots of sparkling water (0g sugar, merely has raspberry lime essence-- I like Trader Joe's brand or Poland Springs Sparkling Spring water: it was on sale!).

I was able to sleep much better last night and woke up late this morning. I truly cannot believe how clear-headed I feel. It's really amazing. And the simple rule that you should replace sugar with fat might scare people, but it really does work. When I say that I woke up this morning, Day 6, and I've lost 3 1/2 pounds already, I'm not joking. (And this is from weighing myself at the same time in the morning every day). Keep in mind though that this might be a mixture of me walking all over campus AND eating healthy, so don't get discouraged if you haven't noticed a weight difference as quickly as I have.

I can tell the biggest difference in my face-- it has lost a lot of that puffiness you get from eating sugar, and my complexion is so much clearer, smoother. My eyes don't appear as tired. Another thing I have noticed is that I am much calmer. I am not moving from one thing to the next impetuously, my energy levels don't seem like they're on a roller-coaster ride.

For breakfast today, I ate: grilled potatoes, 1 serving of scrambled eggs, and 1 scoop of cottage cheese (probably about 1/2 cup) from the dining hall. Not very "green" because I wasn't in the mood for veggies at breakfast time, but I got a good amount of protein, calcium, and magnesium (from the potatoes) in. Also, of course, I had water. Water is key! And an iced coffee this morning...  : )

Amazing the benefits of nutrition!