Day 2: A Quick Update

Yesterday between meals it seemed like I was starving constantly. Sarah Wilson suggests that snacking is good for detoxing from sugar because your body is trying to get back to its natural balance. I found that almonds made me almost more hungry, but that when I got to eat avocado and some whole milk they filled me right up...gotta go with the fat AND protein! Today though I was a lot less hungry. 2% fat greek Fage greek yogurt with some whole grain cereal (no sugar added) for breakfast before class.

Lunch was minestrone soup with vegetables I added. We have a stirfry section in our cafeteria so I put some olive oil, a bowl full of baby spinach, kidney beans, broccoli in frying pan until the leaves wilted and the broccoli softened. Then I added the minestrone soup (carrots, veg broth, pasta, spices, beans) to the pan and added some crumbled feta on top. It looked like a lot, but it fit in the small bowl I had, and filled me up super quickly! Very delicious and full of flavor. It kept me surprisingly full until Dinner-- when boring as I am today, I had the same thing again!  I just got hungry right now though, so it's a snack of "Mary's Gone Crackers" vegan/gluten free/whole grain/organic crackers... very tasty surprisingly... with hummus for me! Also, Yogi green tea.

Feeling pretty clear minded today... no headache like yesterday. Iced coffee is my friend! I've found that when I get a chance to look at chocolate and other sweets I feel surprisingly powerful and I don't feel the need to eat them.

I must say though, watching "The Chew" yesterday in between classes really made me a little bit sad. What are the odds I turn on the TV and it happens to be the Chocolate Special on that show?!?! They even had a fountain with strawberries, rice krispies, pretzels, even bacon... and boxed chocolate truffles and cremes.. my favorites! I think one of the hardest things for me is that I love cooking so much, and experimenting with different tastes. Maybe I should stay away from food shows for a bit.

Bottom line for me though, my biggest battle is if I get a little bit of the taste then I feel like I need more. When I stay away from it altogether I don't yearn for it so much. I'm not the type of person who can have just one piece of chocolate and not want more. If I was, I wouldn't be writing about this right now! Tweet me with your thoughts! @nutrishus8 or send a message to my facebook group for the Wilmington, DE Food Revolution or NuTrishus!

xox Cheers to self control!