Day 1 No Sugar- My Battle Weapons for Cravings

I know I just posted that I'll mostly be on Twitter, but I wanted to share with you what my day today looked like and how energized and happy I feel already! YES after only 1 day. Yesterday afternoon when I started my plan I convinced my friends to go to this place in town called "The Stand" and I had "the Veggie" which is celery, carrot, beet, and kale blended together in the form of a juice. It takes a real nutrition lover to drink it I might point out, because only my 'hippie' friends could even look at it-- it was a deep red color like a beet! I really enjoyed it though and it made me feel detoxed.  I also had an almond hummus avocado sandwich-- it was on homemade whole grain bread with local lettuce, tomato, sprouts.  Later last night I was still kind of hungry so I had some all natural peanut butter and a couple of almonds (it was a nutty night for me!)Today ended up being more of a half-day because I woke up at 2pm (1pm now that it's daylight savings)! I don't know why I've been so exhausted lately-- I actually slept through both of my 9:30am alarms..yikes! For Brunch I had scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, and some spinach with olive oil, and half of a whole wheat bagel with some natural butter. I wasn't really a very flavorful cook today, but it was satisfying! Then I went to the grocery store to stock my fridge with non-sugar items, my battle weapons for sugar cravings (which I haven't had all day today surprisingly!). I got 3 avocados, a bunch of Fage 2% plain greek yogurts, organic local whole milk, Marys Gone Crackers herb crackers (0g sugar with quinoa, sesame seeds, brown rice, flax seeds, whole grains, spices) very delicious and vegan friendly I might add!, sparkling mineral water with natural flavors (no aspartame, no sugar, nothing but water and some natural raspberry and lime flavor, 0g sugar) They had a 10 for $10 deal so I got 5 for $5, fire roasted pepper hummus, Amy's Organic minestrone soup (0 sugar), and a can opener for the tuna I haven't been able to eat in my room! Also, I've armed my backpack with almonds for when I am hungry.

Tonight in the cafeteria I ate baby spinach salad with dash of olive oil (not allowed to have balsamic vinegar on the plan since it is mostly natural sugars), kidney beans, carrots, cottage cheese and 1/2 whole wheat bagel with 1 tsp natural butter for dinner. Iced coffee with a dash of 2% milk for "dessert". the lactose in milk is a natural sugar and breaks down better in your body than fructose does. [It's best to drink whole milk because when you take out the fat from milk you also take out the valuable enzymes that help your body digest the lactose in the milk but they don't have whole milk in our cafeteria unfortunately though, so 2% at least has some enzymes!]

And that's my blurb for the day! Check out Sarah Wilson on Twitter! And also check out this awesome article about how an Apple a Day might not be great for your waistline!!!!/nutrishus8

Bonne Sante et Bonne appetit!



Sarah Wilson's mantra "Everyday we flex our 'I'm not eating sugar, thanks' muscle, the stronger we get".

Our digestion and metabolisms haven’t changed in 130,000 years. Our sugar intake, however, has. In just 150 years it’s gone from 0kg to about 60kg a year.

Sugar is natural. The amount we’re exposed to isn’t.

- Sarah Wilson's ebook: "I Quit Sugar..." : )