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I am going to be updating regularly on Twitter because it is too difficult with exams, etc. here at school for me to blog all of the time. I will be posting recipes in mid December however, during my winter break so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, for those of you that would like an extra kick of nutrishion DAILY check out my nutrishus8 feed on Twitter. I'm excited. Also, I'm on a journey now to eliminate sugar from my life again, and hopefully this time it will last longer! This time that means no honey, only certain fruits, and no agave nectar. Those, I've learned, are all disguised fructose and if I really want to stay away from the cravings altogether I'll have to eliminate them. I'll be following the mantra by Sarah Wilson, "Everyday that we flex our 'I'm not eating sugar, thanks' muscle, the stronger we get".

To learn more about my plan, check out this: It's Sarah Wilson's ebook about how to quit sugar. And again, follow me on Twitter! : )

xoxo and BONNE SANTE!!