Exercise TV is a Lifesaver!

Last night I was not feeling the hike to the gym, especially since the weather has been anything but friendly lately. But, I felt incredibly guilty for giving into that ice cream in the cafeteria and I knew I needed to do something. ExerciseTV yet again saved the day. At first, I clicked on the yoga videos, but I got bored after 10 minutes with all of the sun salutations and downward dogs. So I then moved on to Kendell Hogan, who is hilarious and makes working out actually fun. Normally I don't consider this the greatest workout, but I didn't have much energy to begin with so I went for it. Afterwards I gained a positive attitude, so much so that I ended up moving on to Cindy Whitmarsh for some quick abs  . Here's where I got really crazy, after that my friends and I actually went on a midnight run.... indian drills, sprints across the soccer field included. Yes, I know it's somewhat crazy, but the four of us decided that we are young, we are energetic, what are we waiting for? Plus, we look pretty darn legit running outside at night I must add. We're all on different fitness levels at this point, but for us slower ones, we think it's about the endurance and determination to keep going...not so much the initial speed. So, all of you out there with a computer... check out ExerciseTV.com... they have about 150 free full-length workout videos, and they are inspiring and energizing... oh and did I mention free? : ) I was feeling really lazy and tired last night but after just one workout with Kendell Hogan I completely changed my attitude. I know how stressful a busy week is and the typical treadmill run or hike can get very boring after a while. So check it out! Also, after all of the hard work I ended up putting in last night, it is really making me think twice about eating ice cream again.. especially since I looked up the ingredients online and it contains 24% saturated fat... and yes, trans fat! EW! Ignorance really is bliss until you find the answers.

....Finally, after our run, we all discussed our goals.  I was looking at pictures of myself from back when I used to be a 3 sport athlete and I really do miss the energy and confidence I had. My friend John discussed how he wants to look like Ryan Reynolds (who doesn't right?). Luckily I don't have to lose a drastic amount (like the inspirational people on the Biggest Loser for example!) but I definitely have some pounds to get rid of. Thus, since I am passionate about nutrition, my fellow midnight runners convinced me that I should start regularly blogging again and even set up a Twitter account so that the four of us can stay motivated... and so that if I don't put the work in myself I'll feel hypocritical! Soooo.... Let's get in the best shape of our lives! And don't forget to check out ExerciseTV.com!! You'll love the variety!

xoxo stay healthy and fit!

Bonne Santé!!