Get Excited for National Food Day!

The First annual National Food Day is coming up this Monday< October 24th, and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Team is collaborating on a project to get us Food Revolution Group members to excite people about eating real food. This is the first day ever that America is celebrating a national food day, and it is important that we take the time to reflect on how lucky we are to eat everyday. That means making good choices with our meals as well! Thus, here are some goals for the Food Day:

The Food Revolution encourages you to cook a fresh, seasonal meal from scratch, and then teach someone how to prepare it, step by step.

Get your friends and family together on Monday October 24th (or the weekend before) and create a meal together from fresh, wholesome and seasonal foods sourced locally.

Then – just as important - teach one person or a group of people how to make this meal themselves. By teaching just a few of your friends or even your own family how to make one meal you are helping to build a movement that says “yes” to good health through better food choices. And teaching someone else to cook is the fastest way to spread the Revolution.

Click on the link above for ideas about what to cook, and reasons why this is so important for the health of our nation!

Also, check out the Wilmington, DE Food Revolution page on facebook for some community updates!

Another note, since I've been away at school, I haven't really had much access to food other than what the dining hall provides. I know you must all be salivating waiting for more recipes! I am going to try to come up with an affordable, college-style dish or treat within the next couple of weeks that you can all try on National Food Day, though! Iron Chef  and Chopped have inspired me with their ability to create fancy dishes with peculiar ingredients... let's see if I can take on the challenge!