30 Day Challenge Day 3: Tip: Nighttime Eating

Well, I had whole milk for the first time in a very long time today. I am wondering why I haven't been drinking this before besides the cholesterol and fat... it is delicious!!! I got the "Natural by Nature Grass Fed Organic" kind.. amazing. Smart idea: don't drink before you run. You can get away with drinking skim milk, but when you up the fat it is much harder to run and not feel sick. Common sense, but I learned that the hard way this afternoon. Inspiration of the day: stop eating at night. We hear it all the time, but sometimes it's the science of a situation that makes us understand it better. It turns out there are two hormones that are connected to appetite and sleep. According to this article, "Leptin helps suppress food intake and stimulate energy expenditure, while ghrelin stimulates appetite, fat production, and body growth. When one is sleep deprived, the level of leptin drops and the level of ghrelin increases. The result is a drastic increase in hunger. One study reported a 24% increase in hunger, with excessive, uncontrollable cravings for calorie and carbohydrate packed foods such as cookies, candy and cake. It can all add up to a vicious cycle of late night binges, lack of adequate sleep, uncontrolled snacking, late night binges, and so on." No wonder when I come home from work I want to eat all of those chevre brownies I made the other day!!

Overeating before bed can also cause indigestion and trouble sleeping... especially if you're like me and you eat chocolate (caffeine). Plus, you're not really burning it off because you are asleep. Who runs laps in their dreams?

When I find myself getting tired I will go to sleep, not reach for some bedtime snacks. Or I'll drink chamomile tea and eat an apple or a slice of turkey (which has tryptophan so I'll fall asleep faster anyway...).  Plus, I am going to plan my meals better so that I eat about 5 small meals throughout the day. Apparently the less meals you eat during the day, the more you binge at night.

I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope this encourages you fellow night eaters out there!