Refined Sugar: Foe not Friend.

Today was my first (and last) day off my Real Food Challenge. My weakness has always been sweet treats-- mainly because I love to bake, and I adore chocolate. But, I must say, I feel so sick right now. I ate the Harry Potter cake as a 'reward' for my achieving 15 days without fried, processed, or fast food, without refined sugars of any kind, without processed food that has more than 5 ingredients, without white flour, and the cake was less than rewarding. On the challenge I felt sooooo amazing, I had more energy, was happier, and was shocked at my large amount of self control. Eating that cake was disgusting, and I felt like I was going against my moral philosophy honestly--maybe that's a little dramatic but I really don't believe in putting this nasty stuff in my body. Which is precisely why I am definitely doing that 30 day challenge starting tomorrow and after that I am going to allow certain things back in my diet-- such as processed bread (all natural from Trader Joes-- no preservatives) because I won't have time in college to be baking my own bread (but the full description of my college style real food challenge is coming later...) Today I had a few things that I wasn't able to have on my challenge: one crouton (yes, one) that was made with processed bread, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese (that has more ingredients than you can count-- I really wish I looked at the label before I ate it freely-- eww who needs locust bean gum, xanthum gum, mono and diglycerides, etc in their cheese!?!?!), and that darn harry potter cake I made (which had WHITE flour, powdered sugar, food coloring, heavy cream with mono and diglycerides in it). Man, I feel priveleged to not be eating that junk. You don't really realize it until you do something drastic like this-- we are so used to these preservatives etc that we don't know what life can be like without them. Well, let me tell you, life is much much better without them. I'm going back on the challenge. Not just for the 30 day strict challenge, but I am making this an even more dedicated lifestyle pursuit. Refined sugar is officially gross and does nothing to help me!!


obviously infuriated and not-feeling-so-hot,