My Lunchbox Days 2 and 3

This challenge is super fun..the biggest thing I'm shocked about is that I am not hungry. How is it that I am eating less but am not as hungry? Weird... but I'll definitely take it! This morning I had green tea and a nectarine on my way to work, and then when I got there I had homemade granola with blueberries... which then held me over until lunch when I had a whole wheat tortilla with some almond butter and a nectarine. The problem came later on in the day when I went to my grandparents. I forgot to pack a dinner substitute for their 4th of july party so all I was able to eat (according to the rules of 100daysofrealfood) were tomatoes and the berry tarte I brought! Everything else had more than 5 ingredients and was processed. Tomatoes and a berry tarte is not the most nutritious dinner that's for sure, and it was kind of awkward having to explain why I couldn't eat the sausage, but I survived!

Tomorrow my lunchbox consists of 2 egg whites (that I saved from the berry tarte today) blueberries, a whole wheat tortilla with honey, almonds, carrots, and a nectarine. And in case I have to stay later I packed some tuna. I doubt I'll finish all of this in my 7 hour shift because eating when I'm hungry and only until I'm satisfied, I've learned, doesn't require much, especially if you drink water. Anyways, more to come.