My Lunchbox Day 1

Today I only worked until 2pm (unlike my usual 14+ hour shift) so I didn't eat everything in my lunch box yet and brought it home. But here's what I've eaten so far today: Breakfast:

1/2 cup 100% whole grain oats with water, dash of salt, blueberries and honey

mid-morning snack:

Greek Yogurt with blueberries


1 green apple with almond butter and honey


*right now I am going to do some YogaWorks Slim Yoga for 50 minutes (that's how long the video is) and then it's off to make some whole wheat homemade bread and some granola to use for some different meals!

Don't be intimidated by the small volume of what I've eaten so far, if you are hungry feel free to eat more, but I am trying not to eat when I am not hungry and when I do eat I am only eating until I am sure I am satisfied, not full.

Stay tuned!