Trader Joe's Find of the Week


I have been obsessed with Pinkberry for quite some time, even before I actually tried it actually. I first heard about it on an episode of The Hills when L.C. and Lo ate Pinkberry with fruity pebbles after their workout. My quest started with Sweet Green in Georgetown, D.C., one of my all-time favorite places that serves nothing but salads and tart frozen plain yogurt with toppings galore. The yogurt is delicious. After Sweet Green I found wannabes like Iceberry, Berri Yummi, Kiwi, you name it; frozen yogurt places are almost as trendy as cupcake stores these days. And when a legit Pinkberry opened up 5 minutes from my college campus, I was ecstatic to learn they do take home containers. So during finals week I stored one in my freezer with take home toppings like milk chocolate crunch, blueberries, and yogurt chips and let me say I was ecstatic knowing I had that to return to. So, today as I did my weekly grocery shopping, I was going to pick up TJ's French Vanilla Ice Cream when I discovered yet another reason why I love Trader Joe's. They read minds! Here it is, my favorite tart plain frozen yogurt with active cultures in a convenient take home container! (And leave it to TJ's to design such a retro adorable container) Finally I am able to enjoy Pinkberry-yogurty goodness anywhere I go now! <3. 100 calories per serving, fat free, all natural, what's not to love?! Top this with berries, shaved dark belgian chocolate, and some TJ's Blue Raw Agave Nectar and you have my dessert tonight!

Cheers! NuTrish