The Fuzz-less Peach

Nectarines are incredible right now. I had one with my lunch today and it was delicious. Trader Joe's has their annual 4lbs boxes of peaches and nectarines now $4.99 and let me tell you, they are perfectly tree-ripened and juicy, the perfect amount of tart and sweet. I'm thinking tomorrow I will use these delicious fruits in a cobbler (Paula Deen has a great and easy recipe in her The Lady and Sons Cookbook) or make some nectarine popsicles. More to come soon!

My breakfast: Kashi Go Lean with Nectarines, raspberries, organic milk and cinnamon.

Nectarine Basics (Brought to you by Martha Stewart) :

In Season: Nectarines and other stone fruits are in season during the summer months and reach their peak in July and August.
What to Look For: Look for fragrant nectarines with taut skin. Avoid those with wrinkles and bruises. They should have some give when gently pressed; handle carefully, and carry no more than four per bag.
How to Store: Although best enjoyed without delay, ripe stone fruits can be refrigerated for three to five days. Leave firmer ones at room temperature to ripen.

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