Carb Control To Major Trish
I love chocolate, baking, etc. As you can tell by this past week's theme: short and sweet. But working at the cafe being surrounded by food nonstop is certainly not good for my cravings. Cindy Whitmarsh is my newest discovery. She does these brilliant 10 minute workout videos on Exercise TV that are available online as well, and she makes them easy. I can't believe that after 10 minutes I feel the burn. After my run this afternoon I did her butt and thigh video and it (pun intended) kicked my butt! This week I am going to share with you recipes that are colorful with vegetables, naturally sweet with fruit, and savory with meat and cheese. It's all about small-portioned healthy meals which will also  include lean protein to keep our metabolisms up and our waistlines down! xo, NuTrish