baby gear we love

(updated at 4 months of age)

Navigating the right gear for your little one can be extremely stressful. I remember when I was pregnant spending an entire span of 5 hours ruminating over which pack n play or bassinet I wanted because it seemed like nothing I found fit our personal style, safety standards, or overall needs. With every item on your registry, and with every step along the way, it is important to remember that every person parents differently, and you should never feel guilty for wanting your version of the best for your baby. There is no better mama and dada for your little baby than YOU. That being said, here are some of our favorite items that we settled on and that have helped us along the way. I am constantly updating this with more and more ideas, so I hope this helps. Happy parenting! Xox, Trish

Items to consider registering for that we LOVE and use all the time:


  • Halo SleepSwaddle

    • (we LOVE the Halo especially for first few weeks- after a few weeks George wanted his arms out but still liked the security of being tucked in with it- we only have two but rotate and wash often (they’re just blankets anyway so you don’t need to wash constantly unless they spit up)

  • For transitioning out of the swaddle we love the Halo Easy Transition Sleepsack -his arms can stay out so when they learn to roll they won’t get stuck

  • Bassinet of choice:

    • We use the Nuna Sena Travel Crib next to our bed and love it

      • We are using this as a bassinet - from birth to 6 months or so, and then using it as his crib at night until 12 mo so he can stay in our room with us

      • It’s recommended by the AAP that your baby sleeps in your room with you for the first 6 months at least to reduce the risk of SIDS by over 50%. Remember not to co-sleep -aka baby NOT in bed with you (the risks of blankets covering them or you rolling over aren’t worth the rewards of snuggling)

      • We like this one because after that it works as a play gym up until 3 years--we chose this because it's small and not hideous looking like most of the play cribs are

      • This crib is so easy to fold up, comes with organic sheets, is mesh all the way around for 360 airflow, small enough to fit in our bedroom during those first few months where I’ll be breastfeeding constantly, and is highly recommended safety wise. Also, it’s just gorgeous in the “night black” color IMO lol. It’s $299, which for what you get I think is worth it.

      • Note: At first we had the Mini version of this crib, but he outgrew it by month 3 so we recommend the standard size of this!

  • Crib of choice:

    • During the day our baby sleeps in his actual crib Hudson Babyletto 3 in 1 crib in the nursery and we monitor with baby monitor

    • Having your baby sleep in his or her crib during the day allows for an easier transition to their own room when the time is right

    • BuyBuyBaby honored our 20% off for this brand crib

  • Newton Baby Crib Mattress

    • Our baby LOVES this mattress - he sleeps in the crib during the day and we feel confident that even without a waterproof liner over the crib mattress, we can simply unzip this mattress cover and wash it in the washer

    • hypoallergenic, very breathable, certified free of toxic chemicals

    • We have a pottery barn fitted mattress sheet and a waterproof mattress pad on top as well

  • Crib Skirt

    • Pottery barn makes adorable crib skirts (they go under the mattress to hide the open space between mattress and floor

  • Baby Monitor (make sure yours is secured and no cords near baby)

    • We use the Infant Optix 360

    • Very helpful to have one even if you live in a small house or apartment- it’s good to check to make sure they’re safe and breathing while you’re cleaning/organizing/showering etc

  • Wubbanub pacifier stuffed animal

    • Our little guy loveeeees his two pacifiers - it’s a lifesaver during diaper changes and trips to pediatrician, also apparently pacifiers reduce risk of SIDS so we give him the pacifier before bed too - and don’t worry ab the “nipple confusion” thing w breastfeeding - most babies will take both with no issue if you introduce both early - plus they need to be able to take an artificial nipple aka bottle if you're gonna pump anyway!

    • Make sure you move it away from the baby when they’re done sucking before bed since they have a stuffed animal attached for safety

    • If you prefer, you can just use a regular pacifier of course!

  • Free & Clear detergent (we like Seventh Gen sensitive unscented) or we will sometimes refill the detergent at our local refill shop to save plastic

Diaper Changing:

  • Changing table pad of choice

    • (no strong brand feelings on this one, but make sure whichever brand you get that it’s strapped onto the furniture and do not leave baby on there unsupervised- they can roll off!)

  • Ubbi Diaper Pail (steel interior)

    • Love it -Doesn’t require special bags, won’t stink up the room - smell doesn’t stay since it’s steel, very easy to slide open and closed, locks

  • Diapers of choice - we prefer Huggies w wetness indicator

    • we love Huggies Little Snugglers and they’ve been very good to his skin, they’re fragrance free, comfortable for him, super absorbant and the wetness indicator saves so much time and helps prevent diaper rash

  • Hand sanitizer pump for next to diaper changer

  • Boppy waterproof changing table liners!

    • We go through like 3 a day and wash all the time bc if he pees or poops during diaper changes it makes it way easier to just quickly replace w a new one and you don’t have to wash that sheet

  • Wipes warmer if desired (so they don’t scream as much from wipes in the begging) we have the Munchkin brand but I’m sure there are better brands for it too

    • We only used this the first two months because for some reason our baby was very against diaper changes (probably missed being naked and free in the womb!) now that he’s used to it we just use the Oxo Tot Wipes Dispenser because it’s way easier to use one handed and he doesn’t mind the cold wet wipes anymore

  • Pacifiers for babies who get fussy with diaper changes (like ours!) Our baby likes the Philips Soothies that you get from the hospital (they’re made of silicone so we feel they are safe to use on a daily basis)

General items:

  • Boppy pillow lounger - this is AWESOME and so inexpensive

    • Your baby will outgrow it eventually but in th ebeginning when they don’t have neck strength it rocks so you can have a break from holding and they like how its secure. It is recommended over the dock-a-tot for lounging since if they fall asleep they are not likely to roll and suffocate!

  • BabyBjorn Bouncer - he LOVES this thing and we do too

    • so easy to fold up and allows us to be hands free when needed- we use while we’re showering or cooking, etc etc because it’s nice and secure and he’s happy in it. Super easy to clean, travel with etc.

    • Easier to use when they’re about a month old + so they don’t slouch as much

  • Boppy Noggin Nest

    • Not sure if it makes much difference, but we like to use this when he’s on his back in the play gym so he doesn’t distribute all the weight to one side of his head (causing flat spots)

    • Note: do not use this when they sleep or are unsupervised, as they can roll over into the side and it can affect their breathing

  • Play Gym of choice:

    • FisherPrice Ball Pen Play Gym or LOVEvery Baby Play Gym

      • We have the FisherPrice Ball Pen/Play Gym and it rocks even though we haven’t even used it with the ball pen feature yet - George looks around at everything and smiles - loves the light-up musical elephant

      • We like our little play gym/ball pen from Fisher Price, but if you’re wanting something more eco-friendly and way cuter, check out Lovevery because if i had to do it again that’s what I would get! It turns into a fort later on too!

  • - Socks! Hats! Onesies! Undershirt onesies

    • Sun bucket hat for walking with baby outside - Our Pediatrician told us to make sure you don’t use sunscreen when they’re little - just cover them with sun shirts and hats if you’re going to be out and about

  • Rocker of Choice:

    • I didn’t think we needed a rocker, but I am so glad we got one because now I feel like it’s one of the most essential items for your nursery. It’s so nice to be able to have a big comfy rocking chair with a leg rest or ottoman while you’re feeding you’re little babe- especially if you’re breastfeeding or pumping. Those first few weeks can be extremely rough (will be extremely rough- there’s no way around it) and your legs will be swollen from all the IV fluids so you’re gonna want to have a nice chair to sit in with your feet up!

      • Davinci Rocker and Ottoman

        • We have this in grey and love it $375 for both the rocker and the ottoman which doubles as storage and they deliver right to door fully assembled! BuyBuyBaby sells it

Formula Feeding:

  • Dr Browns vent bottles (but Comotomo worked really well when I was trying to get him to latch cause they look and feel more like boobs lol) Since we’re formula feeding now we find Dr Browns helps more w gas bc they have a better vent- I think breastmilk makes them less gassy so it wasn’t as big of an issue before

  • Burp bibs for spit up! - Carter’s makes really soft ones but we also like the kind that velcro over neck - prevents outfit changes!

  • Boon Lawn drying rack - essential for your everyday bottle washing needs!

  • Boon Twig drying rack for bottle nipples

  • For bottle dish soap we just use Trader Joe’s dish soap or Seventh Generation Free&Clear dish soap with scalding hot water to soak everything

  • To warm the bottles of milk we just use a mixing bowl or glass with hot water and sit the bottle in there.

    • It’s not recommended to use a microwave because of “hot spots” so this evenly warms it nicely

  • Dr Brown’s Formula mixing pitcher if you use formula you can make in bulk and it’ll save you tons of time!

    • And if you use formula we use Enfamil Enspire for example (which works for G) - you can save $12 if you buy the refill packs instead of the tin every time! And with Target Circle and Target Cartwheel they are constantly doing promotions where if you spend $100 you get a $20 gift card, etc!

  • Mylicon gas drops if needed (check with doctor first!)

  • Note: formula can be tricky - some babies are allergic to certain ingredients so you have to test it out. For example, we wanted George to like HappyBaby Organic but he was allergic and had hard stools from it (which is a bad thing) so we switched to Enfamil Enspire and he loves that - don’t give up it can be very discouraging when certain formula or breastfeeding doesn’t work but remember FED is BEST


I only breastfed for a week or two because I was told the heart medicine I was on could get into the breast milk. And those two weeks felt like two hundred for me personally, so it has been way easier to formula feed anyway. I personally like the freedom of being able to share the workload with my husband - we can split feedings and I’m not constantly hooked up to the baby or a machine (which means more sleep). That being said, I completely understand the benefits and support all who do choose to - it is a truly beautiful gift that we are able to naturally be a food source for our children! Here are my favorite things from my short time of breastfeeding:

  • Lasinoh lanolin ointment - super helpful to line the flanges of your pump with this and also for breastfeeding/ pumping nipple relief in general

  • Medela hands-free nursing bra-a must for pumping

  • Also make sure if you’re pumping to start on massage level and work way up slowly …. and you may want to go up a size in nipple “flanges” as you continue on cause your size will change!

  • Spectra S1 pump - i liked this better than Medela which I used in the hospital because it’s so gentle and quiet… you can get different size flanges the more you pump since your boobs will grow)

  • Kiinde Twist pouches - for when you’re producing a ton of milk these are good to freeze and store (Note - you can’t reuse them so get an 80 pack!)

  • Kinde twist pack adapters for pump of choice


  • Little Remedies saline nasal drops (you can put a little on a q tip and gently swab snot from nose while they’re little - also helps moisten nasal passages so they breathe easily)

  • NoseFrida Snot Sucker - use with saline spray ^ to get mucus out - so effective and not as gross as it seems

  • Fridababy Nail clipper/nail file - When they’re little it’s hard to clip nails so file works better at first, then you’ll start to use clipper which is much easier and faster

  • Vaseline and gauze for circumcision healing - we cut the gauze pads into smaller squares since we had to change his diaper so often it was way easier and more economical to get the most out of the gauze! This really really helped him heal and we felt more comfortable making sure there was no friction between the circumcision and the diaper

  • Vaseline for baby butt if it’s irritated from straining stools - when we tried Organic baby formula at first since he was intolerant to it he got really constipated and had hard stools, which caused some irritation on his booty (no fun for babies!) so vaseline helped him heal.

  • Under-the-tongue thermometer (your hospital might give you-you don’t actually use it in their mouth though you put it in their armpit)

  • Braun Ear Thermometer -expensive but extremely fast working and will last through the toddler years and beyond

  • Vicks Rectal Thermometer (your hospital will tell you to take temperature this way if they have a fever because it’s the most accurate way)

Bathing and Moisturizing:

  • We used the AngelCare Bath support chair but he gets cold since he’s not submerged in the water, and we don’t always want to fill up the giant bathtub (for fear of mildew or something!) so we switched to the SkipHop Moby whale bath tub with support sling and he loves it! We keep a mixing bowl of water that we’ve taken the temperature of in the bathtub next to the whale tub that we use to rinse him with. He does slouch a bit in this but its gentle

  • SkipHop Moby Whale thermometer - to take temperature of water

  • SkipHop Moby Whale rinser - gentler on head and pours water out evenly so you dont get on eyes and ears

  • DermFrida - for gently exfoliating skin on scalp - use with shampoo and then after with coconut oil! Worked like a charm for George!

  • Organic Coconut Oil (just get from grocery store)- their skin gets very dry! This has worked wonders on George’s scalp and whole body - people always compliment his skin and that’s our secret! Not worth spending $12 on a tiny bottle of oil from honest co especially since there are so many ingredients if your baby is allergic to one of them it’s hard to rule out which

  • Aquaphor for extreme eczema or cradle cap (our baby had a patch of dry skin on his forehead that we’ve used Aquaphor and plain lanolin (one of the main ingredients in Aquaphor) for and it really works!

  • - Hooded bath towels - try warming in the dryer so when they get out of the bath they’re especially cozy!

  • - SkipHop Moby Bath water thermometer (for example Skiphop whale thermometer that floats and tells you if water is too hot or too cold)

Car Seat/ Stroller

  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggo Atmosphere Infant car seat

    • we chose this one because of its safety ratings and its ability to plug into the BOB stroller with an adapter.

    • Whatever you choose car seat wise, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to make sure you get the car seat base installed professionally for your cars, either at your hospital or local fire department. And also make sure you have a "load leg" on the base (it’s the leg that comes out of the base and sits on the car floor)

  • Bob Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller

    • This is far and away the highest rated jogging stroller we’ve seen and we can’t wait to run with our little guy in it when he’s bigger

      • We’ve been using it with the Peg Perego Infant Car Seat adapter as our everyday stroller and LOVE IT

Books & Resources:

  • Happiest Baby on the Block has some great tips like the 5 S’s … swaddle… sling… sucking … etc to keep baby calm and happy - interesting research and can definitely help you understand cues during those first few weeks especially!

  • The Wonder Weeks app - cool info on what your baby sees at every stage, predictable “stormy days” and sunshine days etc which helps you understand why baby is crying ($2.99)

  • The Bump app - sort of like “The Wonder Weeks” but free and more basic. It goes with you from pregnancy through newborn stage!

  • Glow Baby app - free and LOVE it. It updates on both you and your spouse’s app in real time and you can log diapers, food in ml or oz, pumping amounts, temperature, etc. Not only that but it’s very user friendly and there are a ton of great news articles and shares in the “community” tab.

  • Instagrams to follow: @takingcarababies and @babysleepmadesimple are fantastic Instagram handles to follow - both are nurses and mothers with amazing tips!

  • Shutterfly app - they always have awesome discounts on printing pictures and the quality of the matte pictures is actually fantastic. Best part is you can upload right from your phone to the app without having to wait for them to download -then just ship to your front door (you won’t want to drive for a while!)

Here are things we thought we would use but we did NOT find use for:

  • Dock a Tot, Auto Rock N Play, 4MomsMamaroo - don’t let your baby sleep in these, they can roll over and suffocate - Fisher Price has since recalled their AutoRocknPlay. A lot of moms like the 4MomsMamaroo - but if you’re one of them just make sure you’re supervising them while they’re in there- don’t walk away and let them fall asleep in it!

  • MomFrida - I found the Peribottle they give you at the hospital was way more effective and easier to use

  • Brica window shades for the car (our windows are tinted)

Registry Benefits:

    • We registered at BuyBuyBaby because you can use your Beyond+ membership to get 20% off everything at BuyBuyBaby as well!

    • We also registered at Target and Amazon eventhough we didn’t register very much at either place (might as well take care of their free welcome boxes!) Target has awesome coupons in theirs, a free Dr Browns bottle, etc.

Here's the link for Beyond+:

Target Circle and Target Cartwheel

  1. We registered for one thing at Target - which was cool because we liked their “welcome kit” - they gave us a Dr Browns bottle in it and a ton of great coupons!

  2. Since then, we shop at Target for pretty much everything

If you’re doing formula, sign up for their welcome member pack - Enfamil sent us a booklet with $100 worth of coupons that you spread out over different months (they all had different expiration dates and you can use them at all grocery stores as a rebate check) Each coupon is $5 off any Enfamil product - it rocks.

They pretty much just poop, pee, sleep during first month! Then they start to smile second month, learn to roll over… take more interest in toys… stay awake longer… sleep longer…. it’s a journey! :)